General Rules & Disciplines

Students are bound to abide by the rules and reulations stipulated by the government, University, and the UGC from time to time. Students are also bound to strictly adhere to the rules and directions framed by the college authorities tom maintain discipline and an amiable atmosphere for the teaching and learning process.

Political activism is strictly banned in the campus. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than the official ones. Students resorting to strikes are prohibited from entering the verandah of the building, class roos or the campus.

Ragging, teasing, intimidating, harassing and using words of abuse etc, on junior students especially female students within the campus or outside are punishable as per the order of Hon. Supreme court, UGC and the government of Kerala. In the event of ragging, the student may complain to the authorities and also they can contact Toll free No : 1800 180 55 22 &


All the areas of college campus are under the CCTV surveillance. Which is visible to the Principal, for the security and discipline of the college.

Mobile Phone Usage

Mobile phone usage by students is strictly prohibited in the College Campus. If students are found using mobile phones in the campus, their mobile phones would be confiscated adn serious action taken against them.

SMS Facility

Day to day absetees reports, and other important messages are send from the college to the registered mobile number of patents through SMS.


As per the recommendations of college PTA, dress code with common uniform is introduced from under graduate students. The cloth materials of branded companies will be distributed through co-operative store. Students are bound to wear the uniform on all working days.