CitizenCitizen started its journey in 1918 when Kamekichi Yakamazi who is a jeweler based in Tokyo started the Shokosha Watch Research Institute. His first venture was producing pocket watches popular at that time. As he released the caliber 16 pocket watch under the brand name CItizen, thighs started to look up for the brand.

Decades later, the company has managed to promote a multicultural approach that enabled them to push for excellence and unmatched creativity. Through the help of a comprehensive and quality-focused manufacturing process, the company is able to put forward timepieces that continuously push the technological boundaries.

As a testament to this avantgarde approach, Citizen was the first to introduce light-driven watches. The company was able to put this technology together as early as 1976 which inevitably led to the 1995 release of the Eco-Drive. The technology harnesses power from any available light source totally eliminating the need for battery replacement.

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