Mathematics  Department

The department of Mathematics was established in 1971. Bachelor’s degree in science with Mathematics as the main subject and Physics and Statistics as the subsidiaries was started in the year 1971.There were only 9 students and 4 staff members. The first batch of students was sent up for the University examination in 1974. Prof.A.V.Moideenkutty was the Head of the Department. The College was upgraded as a post graduate College in 1978 by introducing M.Com. In the year 1995 M.Sc. Mathematics was introduced in the college and the department was upgraded to post graduate department of Mathematics.

  • Courses Offered
  • Mission The vision of the department of Mathematics is to achieve recognition nationally and internationally for its excellence in research and teaching. The department strives to provide high quality undergraduate and provisional programs of study which attract the best students, to attend to the mathematical needs of the university and community and also to make possible application of Mathematics to other disciplines.
    Vision Our vision and mission derive their strength from a friendly and interesting environment for research and learning.